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Primary Care

A premier physician group for women in the St. Louis area, both Drs. Blase and Laura Pignotti cater to the full scope of womens' health needs, ranging from general obstetrics and gynecological care to more complex procedures and cosmetic services.

Dr. Pignotti has received numerous awards from patients in recognition of his warm bedside manner and outstanding work as an OBGYN. Through extensive office hours, both Drs. Pignotti makes sure that he is available to all of his patients, including those making appointments on short notice or in need of emergency care.

Dr. Blase Pignotti is known throughout St. Louis as one of the most dedicated and accessible physicians and handles close to 100 percent of his patients' deliveries. With Laura joining the practice, you may still choose to see one or both of us as you desire. 

As a dedicated, two-physician practice, we make sure that all of our patients have access to the latest treatments and technology available in OGBYN care.

Cosmetic Services - Smart Lipo

Dr. Blase Pignotti has performed liposuction procedures for more than 20 years. He's been particularly impressed with recent breakthroughs in technology that have turned liposuction into a less traumatic, less expensive cosmetic option. As a result, Dr. Pignotti now offers the Smart Lipo procedure at his office.

Liposuction has long been seen as an effective way to get rid of fatty deposits that have lingered despite exercise and changes to diet. The Smart Lipo technology changes the liposuction equation by introducing a less invasive, less costly procedure. Patients can expect far less downtime and a more affordable liposuction option.

Dr. Pignotti is renowned for his surgical expertise and precision. Patients interested in Smart Lipo are encouraged to call his office to set up a consultation to discuss ideal candidates, how the procedure differs from what has previously been available and what types of results you can expect.

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